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HANA Simple Logistics3

This blog is a summary of my understanding on simple logistics and difference between ECC Ehp6 and S/4 HANA simple logistics.

The S/4HANA product is new in many ways. Extensive redesign of these process streams, with input from customers and partners, has resulted in improvements in procurement, inventory management, material valuation, capacity planning, order management and more. S/4 HANA simple logistics comprises of MM, PP, SD modules and lot of sub modules. By reducing and indexing the tables simplified process to improve the efficiency of logistics for example material requirement planning.











Production Planning Area ( i.e. SAP PP Module )

MRP will run much faster with interactive-simulation ability and this will be useful especially in Retail and trading scenarios.

Reduction in the locking issues and cutting down the post‐processing time and thus leading to faster and hassle free Material Valuation process.


Materials Management ( i.e. SAP MM module )

With new Analytics apps that help measure and monitor Procurement KPIs (e.g. Spend & Contract Management and so on) will result in increased efficiency in the P2P processes. In addition, native integration with Business‐Network systems like Ariba Networks will ensure a smoother Integration for PO Order and Procurement process.


Sales and Distribution ( i.e. OTC Area )

Thru Sales Analytics and SMART Sales Fulfillment Cockpit, SAP S/4 HANA offers better visibility and control over Sales Order Fulfillment. It will help business to closely monitor the KPI and take required corrective actions well in time. It supports managing the issues, blocks and uncompleted Orders (Sales, Delivery & Billing transactions) and processing them in real‐time. It thus ensures business to fulfill the commitment to their clients in required time and frequency.


Availability Check and Back Order Processing :

In NEW HANA based Comprehensive and Advanced ATP (AATP) Algorithm and optimized back‐order processing would increase business efficiency in sales order processing. Business with high‐volume and frequent changes in sales orders would benefit majorly from optimized and back‐order processing.


Some of new transactions in S/4 HANA simple logistics

  1. MMCC  —-  To copy the material using reference material
  1. CS11H/CS12H/CS13H  —–   Hana based BOM explosion
  1. MD01N —-  MRP Live on HANA
  1. PPH_MDAB – Common transaction to run planning file entries and check


Obsolete transactions in S/4 HANA simple logistcics

1. MB01, MB02, MB03, MB04, MB05, MB0A, MB11, MB1A, MB1B, MB1C, MB31, MBNL, MBRL, MBSF, MBSL,              MBST and MBSU (for all these MIGO will be used)

2. The transaction MMBE_OLD has been replaced by transaction MMBE. Alternatively there is also the Fiori App               Stock Overview


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Sr. SAP Consultant with over 8 years of professional experience in Supply Chain. Specialized in SAP-AFS and has expertise in PP, MM, WM and in other cross functional modules . Has good knowledge in S/4 HANA logistics.

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