SAP HANA Hackathon 2

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Build cutting edge apps on the latest SAP HANA cloud platform by participating in our hackathon series. Get your creative juices flowing to merge social media, IoT and other cloud data with on-premise ERP information.

At the end of each hackathon, all participants will get a Certificate of Participation from BMS. The winners will win prizes and be eligible to join the BMS HANA CoE (Center of Excellence).

The competition is open only to BMS resources and will feature three hackathons spread out over a period of two months.

Objectives of Hackathon Series

Hackathon 1 – Investigate and demo tools to build Apps on SAP HANA

Hackathon 2 – Build and demo a HANA App (non-ERP) using social media data/big data

Hackathon 3 – Build and demo a HANA ERP App using social media data/big data

Hackathon 2: Build and demo a HANA App (non-ERP) using social media/big data

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Build and demo your  HANA App with social media data/big data. There is no need to include ERP integration. Here are some ideas:

  • Apps that use social media data to help companies increase sales
  • Consumer friendly apps using Augmented Reality or IoT


  • Tech stack must include SAP HANA Cloud Platform.
  • The UI can be any mix of SAP BOBJ Design Studio, Java, Fiori, Lumira or other commercial libraries for AR & IoT.
  • Participants can create their own teams of upto 3 persons/team
  • Team members can work within or outside office hours (if not busy with customer activities)
  • You can discuss tips and tricks with other teams but will be judged on the uniqueness of your own team’s project


All deliverables listed here should be based on freely available tools on the internet. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube, SAP Developer and other websites to help you do so.

  1. Define the problem statement
  2. Demo your App and explain how the problem was addressed.
    • The demo can be real-time or screen shots
    • Bonus Points: Functioning real-time demo
  3. List and explain the features of the App
  4. List your tech stack and discuss advantages/alternatives considered

Use a short PowerPoint document to accompany your demo.


  • Each participant from the winning team will win a $50.00 gift card
  • Each participant from the First Runner team up will win a $30.00 gift card
  • The winning team will automatically qualify for a place in the BMS CoE


The teams will be evaluated by a panel of judges after all demos have been completed. Each demo/presentation will be scored on the basis on the following parameters:

  • How many of the required deliverables were met
  • Creativity of your app. Wow the judges!
  • Technical implementation
    • breadth of available tech stack that was used to address the problem statement
  • Resource participation
    • points deducted if it appears solution was not a team effort

The team with the highest score will be the Winner and that with the second highest will be the First Runner up.


Wednesday January 18th, 2017

  • 08:30 – Introduction and Remarks
  • 09:00 – Registration
  • 09:30 – Hackathon start

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Wednesday February 8th, 2017

  • 11:30 AM – Submission
  • 02:30 PM – Demo and Presentations


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SAP Lead Consultant with over 15yrs experience in Logistics and Supply Chain including Sales, Marketing and Business Development. AFS Specialist with profound interest in new age Business Suite - S/4 HANA and Digital Technologies - Big Data, Machine Learning, AWS. Hybris RecordOfAchievement from SAP.

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