BW Powered by HANA

Need & Evolution

Organizations are looking into various alternatives for their Business Intelligence needs with the advancement in technology and rapidly changing environments. The demand for tools and technologies has gone drastic changes as seen here:

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The various issues that need to be addressed for End users in today’s world are as follows:

  1. Simplified ways to access and retrieve information.
  2. Higher load times for updating the data warehouse.
  3. Data warehouse contains aggregated data only and not detailed information.
  4. Reports are unstable when scheduled for huge data volumes.
  5. Data warehouses have limited space to hold the detailed data.

Resolving the above issues is a difficult task since organizations are opting to fetch massive volumes of data in real time and generate the reports based on it. SAP BW powered by HANA addresses most of these issues and helps the customers to handle high data volumes in much simplified and efficient way.

In the article further, we can see some basic though very useful information about it.




SAP BW 7.4 on HANA — Status quo and roadmap within the SAP HANA Platform offering


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BW on HANA migration is possible only if the system version is greater than BW 7.3 SP6.

Later versions available for BW on HANA are:

  1. BW 7.4
  2. BW 7.5 SP4









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Features in BW Powered by HANA


  1. HANA-Optimized Data store object.
  2. HANA-Optimized Info cube
  3. Virtual Provider
  4. Transient Provider
  5. Composite Provider
  6. Attribute view – HANA Studio
  7. Calculation view – HANA Studio
  8. Analytical view
  9. Open ODS View
  10. Advanced DSO’s






Benefits of SAP BW powered by HANA

  1. Report Performance: Anecdotal reports from early adopters show results 101000 times faster for reports
  2. Faster data loads
  3. Smaller Database: Databases converted to SAP HANA compress data on average 4 times, you’ll gain benefits from not just compression algorithm, but also by being able to reduce overall database by removing unnecessary objects from datamodel.
  4. Reduced cost of development:

Developers can work much faster in SAP HANA, because there is less to design & build. So they are more productive, which reduces the cost of development.

  1. Highly detailed Data:

Because SAP HANA can store data at lowest level of granularity without need of aggression, you can bring over, store & report on any level of detail

  1. Adoption:

A faster system that has more data will go a longway to bridging those adaptive issues, because you will be more responsive to the user requirements, providing users with a faster & more effective system.


Source systems connectivity:


SAP BW powered by HANA can be connected to multiple source systems, this includes SAP, Non SAP & other interfaces as shown below:


  1. BW
  2. SAP
  3. ODP – BW
  4. ODP – SAP(Extractors)
  5. ODP – SAP HANA Information Views
  6. ODP – SLT Queue
  7. ODP – SAP Business by design
  8. ODP – Other Contexts
  9. Data Services
  10. External system
  11. File
  12. DB connect
  13. UD connect
  14. Web service






If you’re looking for a long-term and more comprehensive solution that will allow you to leverage most of your BW investments and developments and if you intend to keep your BW system for years to come Bringing SAP HANA into your environment and working on in-memory platform would add value to the

Business warehouse solutions and all the reporting needs.