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CIF (Core Interface) enables data transfer between ERP System and a connected SCM system.

This Blog helps in understanding how CIF can be automated to transfer the data from ECC to SNC.

Every time a new master data is created it has to be transferred to SCM system through CIF by adding it in to Integration Model, which is difficult for industries where many materials are created on daily basis like AFS Industries.

Have a SAP SNC system connected to the SAP R/3 system for suitable communication.

Mostly not all the master data which is created in SAP R/3 is required in SCM system, For Purchase Orders to be sent to SNC System we may require below data to be transferred.

  • Material Masters with its Info records (Newly Created)
  • Customer masters used in sales orders for PTO and 3rd party POs
  • Transportation Lane

Purchase Orders fail to move to SNC System due to unavailability of the Master data in SNC System.

Industries where we get to see new materials created on daily basis, like AFS Specific Industries, it is very difficult to add all newly created materials daily in Integration Model and send to SNC,

Automate CIF

Automation includes creation of a Package/Program which shall facilitate to process the steps which are used in traditional CIF method to transfer the master data such as Material, Plant and Info Records, by executing below three steps

Creation of Integration Model CFM1 (RIMODGEN)
Activate Integration Model CFM2 (RIMODAC2)
Delete Inactive Integration Model CFM7 (RIMODEL)

Design is to take the list of Purchase Orders which are created and make the list of Material Numbers and its corresponding Info records and pass it in to the program RIMODGEN (CFM1) which is creation of Integration Model.

Naming of the Integration Model is predefined.

The Next step is to activate the Integration Model by executing program RIMODAC2 (CFM2)

Third Step is to Delete the Inactive Integration Model by executing program RIMODEL (CFM7)

When the Program as a whole is setup as a background processing job it automatically pics the list of master data which has to be moved to SNC and transfers it.

When the Purchase Orders are created it would be sent as the required master data is already moved to SNC

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